Lost Bullet 2 (2022) Hindi 1080p full movies

Lost Bullet 2 (2022) Hindi 1080p

Lost Bullet 2
French Balle perdue 2
Directed by Guillaume Pierret
Produced by
Music by Romain Trouillet
  • Inoxy Films
  • Nolita TV
  • Versus Production
Distributed by Netflix
Release date
  • 11 November 2022
Country France


Since the end of Lost Bullet and the death of Charas, Lino has been working under Julia, who is the head of the drug crime unit. He's still on the lookout for the assassins who killed his brother Quentin and Charas. Each night, he goes to Stella's home to search for Areski.

His colleagues at the police tell him to stop living in his car and move on. Julia then gives him the Renault keys. He learns that they are for the car Charas wrecked in the previous film, which was stored in the police garage. Lino then restores it and adds a battery to it to stop cars from carrying drugs.

In the next year, Lino is once again leading the raids on drug importers using modified police cars. While out on a mission, he meets a Spanish policeman named Alvaro, who reveals that he was a friend of Charas before. Lino and Stella are now in a relationship, but Julia is still not happy about their split.

After receiving a fake call about his foster mother's condition, he decides to visit a secret country location. There, he learns that Areski's henchman, Marco, is being held there. The police inform him that Marco is being protected by the cops as they battle drug runners.

Lino decides not to kill Marco, instead, he fights off the police and drives him to Spain in the Renault. The authorities there are waiting for his arrest to bring him to justice.


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